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Larimar & Rudraksha Bracelet TC

For wrist sizes 16-16.5cm
Approx 8mm beads

Item Code: TC

You will receive the exact bracelet in the photographs.

These elegant bracelets combine the powerful calming qualities of both Rudraksha beads and Larimar. 

These rudraksha beads are the seeds of the Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree creates a protective shield. These beads are sourced from the mountainous regions of India, they are 5 faced beads also known as panchmukhi and are suitable for all. 

It can help to lower blood pressure and brings about calm alertness to the user and also balances the nervous system.  

Each bracelet comes with a hand carved Larimar Bead flanked by a pair of gold filled spherical beads; symbolizing unity consciousness. 

Larimar a beautiful speckled blue stone found in the Dominican Republic is well known to soothe stress-related health worries such as high blood pressure, insomnia, and balance skin disorders.

It is known to assist in releasing emotional bonds, patterns or principles that no longer serve the highest good. A stone of clear communication, it provides the strength and courage needed to speak openly from the heart.

Larimar is also used for finding a soulmate. It facilitates the healing of unresolved issues or fears, trauma to the heart, or past-life relationships.