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Unicorn Stone Bracelets- Lepidolite, Pink Tourmaline, Smokey Quartz & Clevelandite

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$28.00 SGD

8mm, 9mm - Fits wrist size: 17cm 
10mm - Fits wrist size: 18cm 
Location: Madagascar

Photographs are illustrative, a lovely piece will be intuitively chosen for you. 
This gorgeous pink, lavender, stone is made up of 4 minerals that create a unique blend of calm especially during times of change and challenge. It aids emotional healing, both lepidolite and pink tourmaline work well to heal burdens of the heart, and mind, whist the being consciously present in the moment and grounding all the fear, worry and anxiety back to Mother Earth.

This stone is often referred to as Unicorn Stone or Pegmatite:

  • Lepidolite– Calming stone with natural Lithium inclusions that helps with anxiety, insomnia, fear, or other polarized emotions
  • Pink Tourmaline– Stone of love, compassion, emotional healing, empathy, humanitarianism, and self-love
  • Smokey Quartz– Grounding and steadying, Smokey Quartz is a natural filter for dense, scary, or negatively perceived energy.
  • Clevelandite– Helps us stay present in the moment and move safely through challenging circumstances, or times of profound change.