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Star Rose Quartz 6mm Bracelets - Stone of Compassion

Fits 16cm Wrists
Location: Mozambique 

Photographs are illustrative, a lovely piece will be intuitively chosen for just for you.

Rose Quartz is well known for its loving properties. It draws in true love and affection, tightens family bonds, heals relationships including with ones own self.

Rose Quartz is also one of the crystal we recommend for those seeking their soul mate. For the best partners are found when we are in a place of peace and right relationship with ourselves.

Star rose quartz contains rutile, whilst on it's own it looks like it has needles or metallic fibres, when rose quartz contains rutile, they are microscopic with the smooth polished beads, it gives the crystal it’s unique star-like effect (asterism) with a strong source of light reflecting on the curved surface. 

Soothing to have, especially worn on the body, the rose quartz is an important healer; allowing frazzled nerves to be soothed over, bringing nurturing and soothing energies and with that more harmony, and peace starting from within us.