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Black Sunstone Bracelet

$55.00 SGD

6mm - Fits wrist size: 17cm
9.5mm Fits wrist size 17.5cm 
Location: India

Photographs are illustrative, a lovely piece will be intuitively chosen for you. 

Black Sunstone is a newly discovered crystal that is known for its vitalising, positive, and protecting energy. Its colour ranges from deep red-brown to almost black opaque hues, plus it is distinguished by a particular metallic and iridescent appearance due to the inclusions of hematite.

Black Sunstone benefits revolve around helping you release negative energies in your energy field and around so you are able to refine your joy and live passionately. This lively stone also fills your day with high vital energy, protects you, and brings positive, and feelings of self worth and confidence into your life.