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Emerald Tumbled Stone

$9.00 SGD

You will receive 1x Emerald Tumbled Stone

Measures about 1.5cm in length

Emerald is a stunning yet powerful Water element and was considered a symbol of fertility in ancient Rome. It was associated with the goddess Venus. For Christians, this stone was somewhat linked to resurrection. Many believe that Emerald can cure diseases, promote good memory, diminish fear, enhance persuasiveness and bring joy.

Emerald is the purest crystalline emanation of Green Ray among all gemstones. It is known to help one's Divine nature by activating the heart chakras which results in unconditional love and compassion. It can help a person recover from heartbreak.

This rock attracts abundance, self-love, courage, patience, unity, contentment and loyalty. It is believed to have rejuvenating qualities that can help one combat aging and restore eyesight. Emerald is a powerful healer of the physical heart.