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Pink Zebra Jasper Angel Wings on Stand

Weighs 2.5kg
Measures 43cm W x 27.5cm H x 14cm D

You will receive the exact angel wings in the photographs.

Angels - messengers of God, characterised as having human form with wings. - they are a symbol of goodness, of purity, love and support. Angel wings invoke feelings of Divine protection and sense of elevating oneself with grace

Pink Zebra Jasper is spiritually believed to bring stability, contentment and joy. It is believed to bring stability to oneself or stability for two hearts to settle down. It’s believed to create a sense of security, stability, grounding and promotes a relaxed environment. It’s a heart-healing stone which adds love and kindness. It’s also known to give you the courage to overcome any kind of abuse and helps you heal, recover and feel a sense of contentment and stability on a new path.

It is also said to assist healing kidney/bladder problems, improves skins, bone and teeth and alleviates muscle spasms. As the vibration of this crystal supports the circulatory and digestive systems, and it also offers support during prolonged illness and aids recovery.