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Trolleite Dragon Skull• Awakening • Meditation • Intuition • Protection

$56.00 SGD

Approx Dimensions: 58mm L x 29mm W x 32mm H
Weight: 86g
Locality: Brazil

You will receive the dragon skull you select from the list above.

Known as Trollite, Trolite or Trialite - a rare combination of Lazulite, Scorzalite and Quartz and is a relatively new find with limited availability. This lovely stone has been crafted into protective dragon skulls.

Trolleite is a stone of manifestation, ascension and awakening. Perfect for clearing the third eye to lift the veils and gain insight into what is really happening in the world around us. 

Trolleite assists to instil self-discipline and personal responsibility, helping you to embrace your independence and accountability and achieve your goals.
It encourages you to move into alignment with your soul purpose and supports you on your path, helping you to break through any barriers that are currently blocking your spiritual progress.
On a physical level, Trolleite alleviates stress and calms the mind, helping with sleep and better remember your dreams. Can help with headaches, migraines, vision problems and nausea.

How to use it? 
Place at your altar, study area, or use it in meditation.