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Dragon Blood Stone - Dragon Head Small

$28.00 SGD

Weighs 57g
Measures 47mm L x 27mm W x 33mm H

Dragon's blood activates the chakras and promotes creativity at all levels. It encourages spiritual growth, assists with personal healing, aiding past and present life issues blocking emotional maturity and responsiveness

This is the stone of perception and personal power. Energetically, this crystal is helpful for enhancing our vital Qi or life force energy. The dragon is a symbol of wisdom, fortitude, and protection. This stone embodies the fiery, persistent power of the dragon.

Dragon Stone is an incredible gemstone that legend says is the fossilized remains of ancient dragons (green as the skin, red as the blood). Dragon Stone stimulates the core of your primal energy and can bring you lucid dreams of the ancient past. Dragon Stone attracts prosperity to all areas of your life.

 You will receive the exact item shown. One-piece available.