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Ocean Jasper Shark

Weighs: 338g
Measures: 55mm W x 150mm L x 70mm H
Location: Madagascar
Item Code: AJ84

Sharks symbolize authority, curiosity, efficiency, connection, guardianship, innovation, knowledge, mystery, observation, power, perception, protection, superiority, movement, and self-defence.

Ocean Jasper or Cellular Jasper, as these stones are also known for accessing the cellular memory and other energetic patterns that enter and settle in our body at a cellular level.

And why is the healing of the cells important? It is the root cause, it holds the energies and the basic pattern of the energy we carry within, and everything we do extrapolates from it. 

The energy of Ocean Jasper assists us to move through the layers, and down to the cells that hold these patterns, to make powerful shifts within these filters from which we create our reality.

Ocean Jasper brings to the surface long-hidden and unresolved emotional issues and uses its gentle nurturing energies to bring about healing.

It encourages honesty when confronting problems and accepting responsibility for one’s actions. Over time it inspires patience, self-love and empathy for others, and creates a more hopeful attitude toward the future.