Andara Ascension Elixirs

Each bottle of Andara Ascension Elixir takes approximately 21 days to complete and is created under a Full Moon by infusing the energies of the Andara crystals; sun or moon charged crystals, sacred sound and then purposefully blended with pure essential oils. A perfect harmony that gently arouses and awakens the six senses when one uses the spray or anointing oil.

These high-vibrational Elixirs assists in one’s soul ascension by releasing old programming and false thought patterns; brings healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and it works with you to reconnect to Self, Source and Universal Love.

Before working with an Elixir, attune to its energy by sitting quietly and placing your purest intent into it and ask that it assist you for your highest and greatest good.

Each bottle is accompanied with a positive affirmation that you can recite or reflect upon each time you use your Elixir.

 About Tarra: Under the guidance and blessings of the Andara crystals, Tarra has been inspired to create elixirs infused with the Andara energy and frequency. Just like the Andara crystals, these elixirs were birthed with the sole purpose of raising human consciousness and bringing in more love, light and hope to humanity.

Tarra began her soul’s journey in 2003 and has since been certified as a Reiki Master, Angelic Guidance Practitioner, Isis Lotus Healing and Hatha Yoga Instructor.

As the co-founder of Full Circle SG, she conducts regular workshops on Reiki, Akashic Workshops, Crystals, Healing and Akashic Reading sessions to assist others’ on their journey of rediscovering their spiritual self.

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