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Copper Mini Spheres Copper Mini Spheres ( Per Sphere)

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You will receive 1x Copper Mini Speres Tumbled Stone

These mini spheres are approximately 13mm in diameter and weighs approximately 11g each.

Copper is a multipurpose and useful metal for both metaphysical and physical healing purposes. It vibrates with the Earth element and teaches the way of balance and respect for the Earth and all its beings. It has the ability to strengthen the blood and help activate cellular knowledge of one's ancient heritage.

Copper can be helpful to those who seek inspiration in the natural world as it encourages learning through receptive observation.

It is a powerful conductor of energy. Copper is the most powerful metal to utilize in healing the physical body, as it aids one in strengthening and balancing all its levels and system. It assists the female reproductive system and is also said to repair tissues after an accident, injury or surgery. Copper supports iron in the formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin.