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Spiralite Gem Shells Shells Standard (5cm L x 2.8cm W)

$68.00 SGD

Element: Water, earth
Chakra: Third eye, crown

Spiralite Gemshells are extraordinary agatized spiral seashell fossils from India. This interesting stone is a bridge between the mineral and animal worlds which makes it easier for one to access crystal energies. They are believed to store some memory of ancient times of life on Earth. These can be great stones for channelers, healers, medical seers and prophetic visionaries. Also, this can be ideal to those who are interested in telepathic communication with the sea creatures such as whales and dolphin.

Spiralite Gemshells have strong vibrations that promote longevity and bodily stamina which can help one recover from illness. It is also believed to support evolutions of DNA and preservation of life.

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